Our Program

About the Lumberjack organization


The Hearst Lumberjacks Junior A Hockey club, which was founded in 2017, is a not-for-profit organization that is completely run and managed by a local volunteer board of directors, who commit countless hours and resources to the success of this program.

The Lumberjacks organization relies on the support of Hearst and it’s businesses to help offset some of our costs.

It is important for us to provide an environment for our athletes to grow on and off the ice.

Some of the costs associated with running a Junior A hockey team include ice rental, equipment for players, travel expenses, billet expenses, tutoring, training etc…

As part of the Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League, the Hearst Lumberjacks will develop high achieving athletes between the ages of 16 to 20 years old to assist them in their pursuit of higher levels of play and education.

Your interest and commitment to this team and your community is what makes this team possible.


The Hearst Lumberjacks have a mission to continually build upon its organizational success while growing its involvement and investment within the Hearst and regional communities.

Part of this growth includes our commitment to bettering the young adults that play for our organization.

The Lumberjacks are dedicated to the development of all their athletes in hockey and education.

The purpose of our organization is to not only develop our player’s skills but provide them with the tools to achieve scholarships and be exceptional representatives of the community.


The Hearst Lumberjacks has a vision to build and maintain a thriving organization constructed around the community of Hearst.

The most important part of this vision is to provide the essential tools to our players allowing them to develop not only their next stage within the sport of Hockey but to equip them with self-improvement and team skills important in all other life pursuits.

Our organization is invested in innovation, ambition, and excellence.

We want the Hearst Lumberjacks to be a premier franchise within the NOJHL which represents a rich investment in our local community spirit and identity.

Most importantly though, the Hearst Lumberjacks Hockey Club is an investment in our youth and the future they bring with them.